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Medi-Cal Share of Cost Program
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This program lets you get Medi-Cal benefits even if your income is over the Medi-Cal program guidelines. It lets you spend down your income so that you meet the Medi-Cal income limits (called the share of cost). The share of cost amount is different for each person and is any income amount that is over the Medi-Cal limit.

To get Medi-Cal benefits, you must submit current paid or unpaid medical bills equal to or greater than your monthly spend-down amount. Once your medical bills reach this amount, you will get Medicaid coverage for the remainder of the calendar month. While using Medi-Cal to pay for your medical expenses, you should use a healthcare provider that participates in the Medi-Cal program. In addition, this program will pay for your Part B premiums – even in the months you do not incur medical expenses.

Note: A share of cost is NOT a monthly premium; you pay only in the months you have medical costs.

How do I apply?

To find out how to apply, please contact your local office.

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