Single Family Residential Rehabilitation Program (SFRRP)
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Through the SFRRP program, you can get loans and grants that can help you pay for certain home repairs. The money can be used for fixing building code violations, removal of lead paint, and making your home more accessible if you have trouble with mobility.

SFRRP can provide you loans for up to $75,000, which are low or no interest. You will usually need to pay back the loan within 20 years.

SFRRP also oversees grants for home improvement. Grants are money you receive for a specific purpose that does not need to be paid back. SFRRP has two grant programs:

  • Handicapped Accessibility Improvement Program (HAIP): HAIP provides a grant of up to $30,000 for improvements needed to remove physical barriers within your home that can help you move more freely. Examples of modifications are constructing ramps for wheelchair use or installing grab bars in the bathroom. To take part in HAIP, you must have a mobility or other physical impairment.
  • Roof repair: You can get a grant of up to $15,000 to replace your roof. This grant pays for exterior roofing and gutter work only.

How do I get help?

To find out how to get help from this program, contact your local office.

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