Aging In Place
Illinois Respite Care Program
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How can this program help me?

This program provides help to you if you are caring for someone who is age 60 or older. There are many services and programs you can take part in, such as:

  • Counseling services: This can be individual or in a group or family setting, dealing with issues such as how to deal with anxiety and depression or interpersonal relationships.
  • Support groups: These allow you, the caregiver, to share your feelings with other caregivers so you do not feel alone.
  • Workshops, lectures, and conferences: These are provided throughout the city and can include topics such as managing stress and how to cope as a caregiver.
  • Respite care: A skilled health care professional will take care of the person you are caring for, allowing you to get some time off from caregiving.
  • Legal assistance: An attorney can help you with many legal issues, such as how to get power of attorney, how to create living wills, guardianship issues, and more.
  • Case management: A professional will conduct an assessment of the person you are caring for to see what additional services may be available.

How do I get help?

To find out how to apply for this program, contact your local Area Agency on Aging.

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